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Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

A Guide To Knowing Whether Your Relationship Can and Should be Saved


The Growing A New Heart Retreat Series

This series offers safe and nurturing women-only space.* Through carefully sequenced dialogue, movement, storytelling and creative ritual, participants reconnect with their inner wisdom. Through supportive facilitation, individual and group attention, each woman emerges with insight and a plan for moving forward in her journey.

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Retreat Options:

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Growing A New Heart's

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

For women who are still in relationships and are sorting out whether their relationship can -- or should -- be saved. +more

Together, we will explore:

  • what to expect from a healthy relationship and how the Healthy Relationship Cycle differs from the path of destructive relationships. We will identify the ways in which the advice that helps healthy relationship conflict might have been confusing or unhelpful when dealing with a destructive relationship
  • the roots of your partner's destructiveness and what this means for you
  • how to support the strengths and insight that you have been using within your relationship. We will find the best way for you to use that insight to loving address how living with a destructive partner has impacted you
  • creating a plan to get you back to the center of your well-being and insight
  • your plan for your next steps in your relationship

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Peacock Feather

Growing A New Heart's

A Path to Healing From Destructive Relationships

For women who are starting out on their healing journeys. +more

Together, we will explore:

  • How Abuse Has Affected Our Lives

    By learning and sharing about the impacts of relationship abuse, we will move away from isolation and self-blame, and take the first step toward recovery.

  • Regaining Faith in Ourselves

    Together, we will begin to reclaim ourselves, experiencing the return of our self-confidence and self-regard. Abusers silence their partners, so we will work on rediscovering our true voice and reclaiming power while learning and practicing healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Regaining Faith in Others

    Forming (or repairing) close connections to friends and relatives accelerates healing. We will examine how to make good decisions about which people to confide in, and then work towards overcoming barriers to trusting others once again in the face of past betrayals.

  • Building a New Life that Works

    We will explore and create empowering strategies for moving into a new intimate relationship without ending up with another abuser, identifying how to build and keep healthy boundaries.

  • Leaving the Past Behind

    We will create an individual plan to heal the pain of abuse so that we can move into greater ease and freedom. We will learn how to begin to build a lasting support system to help us through this healing process.

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Peacock Feather

Growing A New Heart's

Moving In, Moving Through -- The Body of Joy

For women who are healing from a sexually destructive relationship. +more

Together, we will explore:

  •  Finding ways to experience safe and mindful presence in the body as it is
  • The practice of experiencing and becoming a loving witness to one's own body story
  • what it means to move authentically with great care for the wounds you carry
  • finding your perfect pace in body healing
  • the healing of body grief and safe, joyful sensuality

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*When appropriate -- and with advance notice given to participants considering attending -- a visiting male co-facilitator may assist for distinct segments of the work together.

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Our time together:

  • Singing
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Free time
  • Outdoor time
  • Shared Meals
  • Large and Small Group dialogue
  • Small Group planning for individual healing
  • Emotional support
  • Movement activities
  • Art Projects


Retreat Fee:

$450 all inclusive. Some scholarships available.


Deadline for the February 26th retreat is January 25th, 2016

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A Path to Healing From Destructive Relationships Retreat
at Angels Rest Retreat
Leyden, MA 01337
February 26-28th, 2016
Double Occupancy Rooms

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